10 Tips to Plan an Unforgettable Banquet

Corporate banquets continue to gain popularity, according to data from Hotel News Now. It takes thorough planning to set up a memorable and seamless event for your organization. If you need to arrange a banquet, these tips could improve the results:

1. Identify your event’s major goals. Create a basic schedule and estimate expenses at the same time. Think about the total cost of food, entertainment, transportation and a banquet hall.

2. Select and reserve a venue at least 90 days before the event occurs. Set aside adequate time to perform comprehensive research. Compare different hotels’ reviews, prices and amenities. Try to choose a convenient location for attendees as well as speakers.

3. Always have a backup plan. For example, you ought to pick an alternate catering service that you could use if your first choice isn’t available. Prepare for inclement weather, speaker cancellations and other potential problems.

4. Find relevant speakers and ask them to make presentations or speeches at your banquet. Supply these individuals with pertinent facts on the audience, venue and organization. Begin this process at least 10 weeks before the event.

5. The most unforgettable banquets usually feature live entertainment. Think about hiring a performing artist, magician, disc jockey or comedian. To avoid disappointing performances, try to locate online reviews or videos of entertainers before you hire anyone.

6. Order custom booklets, forms and signs at least 40 days prior to the event. Purchase any presents or prizes at the same time. Call the banquet venue to discuss the delivery and storage of these items.

7. Find an experienced caterer who has previously served similar groups. If possible, try eating a catering firm’s food before you sign a contract. It’s simpler and easier to use a hotel with an on-site food service.

8. Contact each speaker around 20 days before an event. Ask about their efforts to prepare for the banquet. Mention that you could help by photocopying pamphlets, arranging transportation or supplying equipment.

9. When you need to ship printed handouts or other items to a venue, leave extra time to ensure that they don’t arrive late. Be prepared to make copies of the original documents if a shipping service fails to deliver your packages.

10. Travel to the hotel before guests and speakers arrive. Inspect the banquet hall, audiovisual equipment and any items that you shipped to the venue. Ask the manager for assistance if you discover problems.

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