5 Spring Break Attractions for the Family in Greeneville, TN

Making Your Next Trip Amazing

Greeneville, Tennessee, has a lot to see and do. Regardless whether you’re visiting from out of state or simply looking for an awesome experience in your own backyard, this is an amazing place to explore and broaden your horizons.

With Spring Break on the way, families are searching for fun ways to spend time bonding. Here are a few of the many great options in the heart of Green County.

1. Shop, Eat and Play

Those who spend their Spring Breaks in Greeneville discover whitewater rafting, motocross, dirt track racing, golf and performing arts of all kinds. This is also an ideal place to encounter niche shopping and some of the nation’s best-kept antique store secrets.

2. Check Out Nearby Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is home to a range of cool attractions that accommodate tourists from all walks of life. As a longtime fountain of country music, it’s known for full-fledged amusement parks like Dollywood, NASCAR racing, museums, shopping and theaters.

3. Lose Yourself in Nature

Families in search of quieter forms of relaxation that help them destress from school and work often find their way to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This area is renowned for amazing treks through pristine wilderness, trips to well-preserved historical sights and unmatched camping near the Appalachian Trail.

4. Experience the History in Greeneville

Greeneville’s noteworthy nature isn’t just a result of its popularity as a Spring Break destination. The region played host to numerous important figures in U.S. history, such as President Andrew Johnson and Davy Crockett. Modern visitors can walk right in the footsteps of many of these giants by visiting their former birthplaces and homes.

Not sure where to get started? From the historic General Morgan Inn, you can start a tour designed to take you along the path of Andrew Johnson. The museum downtown also makes it simple to get your bearings by discovering the artifacts and cultural influences that date back thousands of years.

5. Explore Greeneville At Your Own Pace

Greeneville is an awesome place to get outside and see what you find. Paths like the Downtown Quilt Trail, Sunny Side Trail, Antiques and Treasures Trail, and others make it easy to walk, drive or bike for miles at your pleasure. Unlike many competing destinations, the open local layout means that you don’t have to feel rushed or lost in the crowd.

Keeping the family entertained during Spring Break can be tough, especially when you have so little time to make memories. Taking a trip to Greeneville might just redefine your perspective about exploration and spending quality time together. Ready to transform your break into something special? Visit us online for more great planning tips.