General Morgan Inn Accommodations

51 guest rooms

1 luxurious suite

Complimentary parking

High-speed WiFi

Flat-screen televisions


Bath & Body Works toiletries

Wolfgang Puck products

In-room telephone

Voice mail

Iron & ironing board

Contoured wood coat hangers


Clock radio with iPod compatibility

Infant beds available

Fireplace mantles (in certain rooms only, please ask)

Wake-up call

24 hour help desk

Room service

Fitness center

Full-service dining & bar

Tesla automotive charging stations (2)

Handicapped accessible

Express check-out

*Call to book*

2 bedroom

2 bath

Full sized kitchen, fully equipped

Dining room

Living room


This hotel has historical charm. The room have the historical feel with modern HVAC and bathroom amenities. The elevators are quick as well. There is parking available outside and in a garage. The town is quaint and fun. A great coffee shop is around the corner and a fun antique three-story mall can take a good hour to walk through. Brumley’s restaurant in in the Hotel; which is fine dining. A gift shop around the corner, Richland Creek Gifts, has the most wonderful and fun owner. If you are in Greeneville, the antique mall, Richland Creek Gifts, and Catalyst Coffee Company are fun stops.


Lovely spot in the center of Historic Greenville, TN! Walking tour of the town starts right in the beautiful lobby. We had a lovely gentleman and historian walk us through the town’s history and streets, back to the 1800’s. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy. Mid-week complimentary breakfast at the coffee shop which has a back entrance into the hotel was wonderful. Tour of Andrew Johnson’s home by a very informative Park Ranger was awesome. Finally a nature hike at Margarette Falls rounded out a fantastic 2 days in this off the beaten path gem. Comfy beds, 1900,s decor and high ceilings and original moldings made it even more delightful.