Getting Ready for Christmas – How to Choose a Tree

It’s time to pull out your Christmas lights, stockings and tinsel. Christmas tree season is back, and that means it’s time for festive events in Greeneville.

Local businesses come together every year to decorate the city and get you prepared for Christmas. From restaurants to hotels in Greeneville, TN, businesses put together elaborate trees and other decorations in anticipation of Santa’s yearly visit to every home. The trees, centerpieces, and wreaths are decorated with glittery, shimmery ornaments, ribbons and tinsel. The view is worth the drive, and it’s the perfect family event to get in a festive mood.

If you had a chance to see all the decorated trees in Greenville, we’re sure it has you ready to go out and choose the perfect tree for your family! Like many, it’s hard to know what to look for. Unfortunately, we don’t always have that Hallmark Movie perfect home or space; and there are so many tree options.

But how can you resist the pine smell and the lit up faces with all the lights, decorations, cookies and presents? When you choose the right decorations, you won’t have to!


How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree!

If you are wondering how your home can be the talk of the town, here are some tips for choosing the perfect tree for your family.

1. Consider Your Space

Before you choose your Christmas tree, check the measurements of the room where you plan to put the tree. Get an idea of the height you can fit into your home, and the width that fits into the designated space for your tree. This will help you avoid a cramped room with a tree that scrapes up against the walls.

2. Check the Tree’s Fullness

Most people want to avoid a sparse tree without enough branches and pine needles. If you want to hang a lot of ornaments on your tree, you might want to look for a tree with branches spaced apart. The space between branches will give decorations a place to hang naturally, instead of bulging away from the tree.

3. Check the Needles

All Christmas trees shed pine needles, and it’s part of the cost of having a beautiful green tree in your home. However, some shed more than others. When selecting a Christmas tree, try gently moving the branches or the base of the tree to see how many needles come off. If an excessive amount of pine needles fall off at the slightest touch, you may want to look for another tree.

4. Look for Green

Christmas trees should be green, so check the branches for dry, dead pine needles. These will look faded and dull. If some of the needles are already dry, the tree may not last for as long as you need it. Pick the greenest tree you can find.

5. Test the Freshness

When you’re browsing Christmas trees, there’s a lot to consider. You may gravitate toward big, impressive trees, but remember to check for practical features too, like freshness. A tree in the lot should have a slightly sticky feel to it. Needles from a fir tree snap cleanly when they’re fresh, and pine tree needles will bend instead of breaking.

Here are some other tips from The Spruce on choosing that perfect tree for you!


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