Planning Your Vacation? Don’t Forget the Weather

While the weather of Greenville, Tennessee, stays relatively moderate throughout the year, temperatures and humidity spike during the long summer and the short winters can still bring precipitation. If you’re visiting, this guide should help you understand what to expect and how best to prepare for the weather in Greeneville Tennessee.

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Spring Time in Greeneville, Tennessee

What to Expect in Spring During the spring months is when Greenville’s weather changes the most. The weather trends warmer as the season passes on, starting at average highs in the low 60s in March and ending in the mid-80s in June. Greenville will receive rain during this time, with about 4 inches falling per month. This means that if you plan on visiting Greenville during the spring, make sure to pack a light raincoat, especially if you plan on spending time in our wonderful outdoor space. One popular tourist destination during the spring is Brights Zoo. Closed during the winter, the zoo reopens in March 2020 and attracts visitors from all over the country due to its more than 500 animals spread out over 100 acres.

Planning for Summer

One of the nice things about Greenville is its long summers. While the calendar defines summer as lasting from late June to late September, weather-wise Greenville summers can stretch from late April to almost mid-October. During these months you’ll see the average monthly high fluctuate from the high 70s in May to the high 80s in July and August and back down to the low 80s in September. During this time, the humidity will spike, too, with late July typically being the muggiest period. If you’re afraid of a little rain, we recommend purchasing a Greeneville Reds while catching a home game at Pioneer Park. Currently an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds playing in the rookie-level Appalachian League, the Greeneville ball club plays a short season that starts in late June.

A Relaxed Fall

As quickly as the temperatures rise in spring, they fall in, well, fall. Average high starts in the low 70s in October before working their way down to the low 50s in early December. The average monthly precipitation works in reverse, though, starting at only two inches in October before hitting mid-three inches in December. If you’re worried about a snowy autumn, though, your concerns should generally go unwarranted. While there can be snow in December, most of it doesn’t hit until late winter.

When temperatures drop, it’s always a nice respite to see a show in a beautiful theatre. The Capitol Theatre opened in 1934 and still maintains an active presence within the Greenville culture. With a convenient downtown location, this theatre is a go-to spot for plays, musical performances, cinematic events, and live comedy.

How to Have a Cozy Winter

Winter weather stays relatively constant in Greenville, with the average high temperature hovering around the high 40s/low 50s until things begin to warm back up in March. The average low temperatures dip below freezing during this time, so make sure to bring a warm coat for the mornings and nights. January and February also usually bring about three inches worth of snow each month, then tails off into sporadic flurries in March and April. Due to the relatively moderate temperatures, as well as holiday fanfare, Main Street Greenville is a wonderful place to find yourself during these winter months. This twelve-block area promotes the history of Greenville while weaving in modern touches to create a vibrant district with shops, restaurants, and residences. Make sure to stop by for the annual Christmas in Downtown celebration or peruse the entrants of our wreath making contest.

Enjoy Greenville All Year Round at the General Morgan Inn

No matter the time of year, General Morgan Inn welcomes you to Greenville with our comfortable accommodations, thoughtful amenities, and our restaurant’s enticing menu. Book a room today by calling us at (423) 787-1000 or book online.